Documentary engagement photography,in plain terms that is the  "wedding photos without the wedding gowns" , the kind of shooting that it very popular in western counties.
What it records is the beautiful and sweet moments of the couple-to-be during one day.

This could be happenning in a beautiful park, on a busy street, in a comfortable cafe, in a decent restaurant, or even in your sweet home; and no matter you are in the
sunshine or under the starlight;these photos can be made wherever and whenever.

One movement, one look in the eye,these little things happen between the two, are all filled with true feelings, they are natural and heart-warming. No need to pretend,
no need of those stiff posing, just let it happen spontaneously,the everlasting moments will be record by the lens in time.

Unlike the posing wedding photo shooting in the domestic market,the Documentary engagement photography has much more affection,no matter the content and the forms, it
makes people feel more comfortable.
Along with the rising level of appreciation,and to more importance in the contents of the photo, the traditional posing photos will increasingly replaced by the photos
that focus more on how to use real emotion to move people; it's the content, not the appearance that makes us happy and moving.

It is the love that makes things last forever.